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We usually take care online purchase after normal hours, $2 convenience fee will be automatically applied for online purchase. We will guarantee that you receive the certificate before the midnight. If you want sooner, please contact us via phone 845-225-9777 or vis message on facebook.  Please contact us if you do not receive the email with attached gift certificate in 3 days. 
We do not mail the certificates. Please provide a valid email. 
We do not send certificates directly to the receiver. If you cannot find your certificates, please ask the giver to resend it.  Please contact with us if you have any question.  

( updated policy on 5/10/2017. 
From 5/10/2017, all certificate will have expiration date on it. Full amount of the certificate will be valid for 1 year from the purchase month. After the expiration date, the value will drop 20% of the amount for each year.  If any reason you are unable to use it in 1 year, please contact with us. )

$30 Gift certificate        $32

$35 Gift certificate         $37

$40 Gift certificate        $42
$45 Gift certificate         $47

$50 Gift certificate        $52

$55 Gift certificate         $57

$60 Gift certificate        $62

$65 Gift certificate         $67
$70 Gift certificate        $72
$80 Gift certificate        $82

$90 Gift certificate        $92