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Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Foot is identified the Second heart of human body in Chinese traditional medical. The foundation of foot reflexology massage therapy relies on the premise that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head. As the nerves travel throughout the body they connect all the major and vital organs on the way. Reflexology Foot massage is an effective and non-evasive method of treating whole body aliments though the massage of those nerves in the feet. The major benefits of Foot reflexology are relieved from stress and stress- related conditions, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain and stiffness caused by muscular exertion.

Top 10 Benefits of Foot Reflexology

1. Strengthen Body

2. Beneficial against neurosism and insomnia

3. Beneficial against hypertention

4. Prevent Rheumatoid arthritis

5. Prevent numbness of legs

6. Beneficial against diabetes

7. Prevent common cold

8. Promote weight loss

9. Prevent cerebral vascular clot

10. Relax the body and mind

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